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Valhalla is originally the festival hall for the gods. The hall was built in 2000 and is a place where gods, people and cattle are united at all times. Here at Krywilygaard, the hall is the place to go with the whole family, company or friends.

So plenty of space for 20, 30, 40, 50 - yes, for 75 (!) people!
Here everyone can develop freely. A popular location for baptisms, birthdays, big Christmas parties, confirmations or other.

At the pagan drinking festival in Valhalla, the Vikings toast Frej, Njord and Odin. When Danes celebrate Christmas today, many think it's an old Christian tradition and a good excuse to eat a lot of greasy food.

But Christmas, and with it the excuse to hold the festival, has its roots in the pagan “Midvinterfest” of the Vikings.
Facilities: Large TV, music system, various games, two large heaters. One has access to the freezer, toilet, prep room, bar, lounge area. In the kitchen with great comfort there are two dishwashers, refrigerator and fast coffee machines. All tables are round and have a diameter of 1.80 m, with space for 12 people.
You can also borrow tablecloths and cushions.

If you would like to order food, we will be happy to provide you with our list. If you need help, you can always ask us.

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